Multicellularity without a nucleus

I may seem aggressive, but my translator is rather aggressive (although if I were writing in Russian now, I might really be aggressive, don’t ask why)

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Ik iv been to russia and lets just say people are like argresive when talking

In fact, we are not aggressive, we just rarely smile (and by the way, I don’t understand what’s the fun in making a basic smiling face) and we have such intonations. Well, either you got aggressive of course, but often, when we talk with foreigners, we are just calm, but for some reason they perceive it as aggression

Do you think whe shoud have cells like this

Are you talking about nuclear-free cells in multicellular organisms? I think it should be possible to create them

yeh thats just how people perceive weighty passivity, its like, too assured. Im not russian, but i have a world class rbi and adhd means i’ll zone out, and i think its just that people expect people to put the energy into socializing, but im a minmaxer, so belgium off social skillsm i put my points into, um, bad mental health? bad humor? idk it doesnt seem worth it. but yeh, people feel like you owe them a performance. its like japanese etiquette, but people tend to see their own culture a a relative 0. in the anglo world we see politeness as default, but assume everyone else does. if you have the outside perspective you see its really a lot of assumptions.

yea i do like blood cells

Unless I misremember, some doctor on Youtube said when reviewing the Cells at Work anime that red blood cells start off as normal cells, but as they mature they dump all the normal cellular machinery to fit as much haemoglobin in as possible.

And it’s just not customary for us to smile without a worthy reason, it’s strange(Smile for no good reason). Well, that is, we smile only when we are happy, or when we find it funny. Although it happens that they also want performances and huge expenditures of energy, probably this is the case everywhere :confused:
Although I am not the most emotional outwardly among my own (although in essence I am wildly emotional). First, society teaches you to suppress emotions, and then requires you to show them.

Yes it is. But after all, in the editor we create exactly a ready-made, mature cell (an erythrocyte with a nucleus is not yet an erythrocyte, but only a precursor (though not a stem cell), but yes, erythrocytes begin as normal cells)