Multiple Save Files?

Is it possible that in the future we will have more than one save file available that are completely separate games, unlike spore when they were technically the same universe therefore even less to do in space stage?

That will probably be the case, as encountering a player save would create too many timescale issues.

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I hope so because it was one of my least favorite features of spore. My family who uses the computer and they all like to play the same games as me. It was annoying that there was only one space.

I think yes that should be possible. I would really like to have a lot of variation in the space stage. For example I like the idea that sometimes you evolve on your planet and it’s early in the galaxies history and you’re one of the first races to spread out and colonise.

However sometimes you evolve and you are late to the party and there are no so many stars left and the mega-engineering projects of a hundred fallen empires litter the cosmos.

And even more epic, a really advanced race who come and leave monolith, giving you technologies when you enter civilisation stage


I have said this a few times already and I’ll say it again: in my opinion it is not fun sitting around and waiting for a random chance of aliens giving you advanced tech.

So don’t get your hopes up about finishing the game as an aquatic civ.

Instead I think aliens should only be able to visit you after you reach space stage.

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Yes underwater civs are stupid, but how about if there is still a chance of aliens giving you a small technology boost: I think that would onlt make sence. It shouldn’t be nessasary to finish the game, just somthing cool to happen like finding that 3 day old burrito under a couch cushion.

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