Music Suggestion Thread

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(my turn, i think)

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Hello! I just thought I’d post here to share a little song i really like from the in-development rhythm game Scratchin Melodii. I’ve not played the game myself yet, but I just thought this song was really cute. Enjoy!


Don’t know if this has been suggested before in this thread:

I listened to this song because of the title but it’s pretty good if a little intense:

I put two big pieces of cement on my chest and legs and I waited for the eleven o’clock train

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Technoblade Tribute song

Even if you didn’t ever watch his content it’s an absolutely amazing song in of itself

The artist for this particular version of the songs is also very talented and has a lot of other good stuff, mostly inspired by DND she does


Really cool song that’s based off of a home brew dnd setting, with custom race system and advantage system, etc.

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My favorite part is the guitar beat, which really shows the hopelessness and sadness of the game’s story. I wish that the song focused more on the guitar.

A song you likely haven’t heard before:

And one you likely have:

New 2Hu dropped and so new bangers are here:

I been listening to this one on loop.

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Just add all tally hall/miracle musical songs and joe hawleys album there

Those are really the only ones i have listened to so far, honestly.