Must sapient species be cyborgs?

Humans are rather unique amongst civilized species: Unlike others, which merely use their technology at their own leisure, humans are, in a sense, bound together with our earliest inventions like language, approaching the nature of a cyborg of sorts

I have been wondering, how exactly does this relate to our status amongst civilized species (that status being that of the most advanced). Is it a prerequisite of high technology, an inevitable symptom thereof, or something unrelated to our advancement? Or is the reality somewhere in-between these options?

Ayo, there are more???

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octopi and dolphins are sapient

But they’re uncivilized simpletons.

they could become civilized on their own accords in a relatively short amount of time unlike most other earth animals. they could also be uplifted pretty easily compared to all the other animals


I don’t think all humans are cyborg. From what I recall, a cyborg is a human (or a sapient individual in Thrive’s case) whose body is partially technological. For instance, if you have a robotic leg or arm, then you are a cyborg. If you don’t, you’re just a normal human. If you have a neural implant, you are a cyborg. If you don’t, you’re not.

Requiring physical technology that is implanted as a new bodypart seems to be an overly narrow view of what a cyborg is

And whether or not we are cyborgs, we are still clearly distinct from other civilized species by our natural integration with technology

That’s literally the definition:

A cyborg (/ˈsaɪbɔːrɡ/)—a portmanteau of cybernetic and organism—is a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts.

When I saw this thread, I could not believe that this was serious and not a joke.

We are literally the only civilized species we know of. When you have a sample size of 1 you can’t infer anything about the general nature of things from that.


I’m scared that @BurgeonBlas is infact an alien or something.

I’m 80% sure that cats are too. They literally manipulated humans for generations to get us to feed and house them for free, even dogs had a use when we were taming them, cats just showed up and demanded food and shelter and we were like, “it’s cute, it’s fluffy, I will never let anything hurt it as long as I live.”

Cats were used as pest controll.

Also, they didn’t manipulate humans.

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We’ll have to wait until the invention of FTL travel to get a higher sample size.

Was that sarcastic?