Mutation point upper limit problem

it should grow when the DNA get more complex. Because a complex DNA get more probability to get mutation.

@narotiza said they throw away this concept because of the purple point is meaning less,
I think this is the great time to add the system for Mutation point upper limit, 1 unlock for 2 Mutation point.


Once again I need to explain that mutation points (MP) is just a percentage of how much changes you can make, that’s why the value is 100. And if more stuff is wanted to be placed, organelles should be discounted and the amount of MP given should not be changed.

What I think is the growth of data can excite players and make them feel satisfied.

What about, like, evolving plasmid swapping. If you evolve it you can touch another cell for 10-20 MP. Or evolving DNA absorption, which gives you a chance to get [unknown quantity] MP when you eat a cell. These are both things real bacteria do. Also in future stages things like sexual reproduction or huge selective pressure ought to do something.