My New Game: The Four Colour Theorem

Hi all,

So for the last couple of months I have been working on a game which I have just released today on steam! If you like puzzles and scientific/mathematical thinking then I think you might enjoy it.

If you have any questions about the game feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer them.


How much usd does it cost?

99c I think. I imagine it will say on the page.

Pretty sure it’s .99 in all currencies, since it’s 99p for me. Could be cheaper, though

I think Thrive has absorbed quite a lot of my programming effort already :slight_smile:

0/10 “Too Many Colors” - IGN

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Purple DLC when?

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Wow , that’s pretty dope , congratulations ! Is this the first game you released ?

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Yeah it’s the first. It’s been a bit scary to put it out there but it has been pretty rewarding. It makes me want to make more games I think.


Are randomly-generated puzzles feasible?

Yeah I wondered about that. It’s not so simple to make difficult puzzles that way.

What I opted for in the end is to let people make their own puzzles and the game will load them. That way people can make good looking ones which are reasonably difficult. There’s a tutorial about how to do it on the store page.

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Looks very nice ! I might buy it !

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There’s quite a lot of swearing in it but if you’re ok with that you can watch Kinesis doing a cool playthrough of the game here.


Someone else also just played the game. Watching him figuring it out was really enjoyable :slight_smile:

He did get me name wrong though.