Mythological Metahybrids

This is a game in which you mix together mythological hybrids with eachother to make more hybrids.

The rules are that you add a hybrid creature from mythology to the hybrid that was described in the last post.
The creature you pick must have at least one animal in common with the last hybrid, and the hybrid produced has its parts from the common animals replaced with the corresponding parts of the hybrid you added. (For example, if the last hybrid was a centaur, adding Pegasus would result in a centaur with an eagle’s wings, as the centaur’s horse back would be replaced with Pegasus’ winged horse back)
The new hybrid should have at least as many animals included as the hybrid before, and should also be different in some way, but should not be fully transformed into the creature you add.

We will start with a griffin, with the head, wings, chest, and forelegs of an eagle, and the hindquarters of a lion. I’ll add a harpy, with the head and chest of a human, and the wings, back, and hindquarters of an eagle.
This gives a creature with the head and chest of a human, the back, wings, and forelegs of an eagle, and the hindquarters of a lion

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i will look wired u the end, i love it
i want to add Minotaur
its have bull head the legs, and human chest, i think
i think i will replace the legs

i am right?

The creature does not have bull or human legs, so the legs would stay the same, but the creature would now have a bull’s head, instead of a human head

yes, i see the minotaur pics
i just remember form game i play long ago (age of mythology), alist he have now bull head XD

I add a Chimera, so it will have a serpent head as tail and a second goat head