Need an explanation! (From auto-replicating RNA to LUCA [Last Universal Common Ancestor])

I’ve been searching on theories about the origin of life; more specifically on the organic compounds, some scientific models on how life began (RNA or metabolism) and on LUCA. I’ve been searching on the subject for quite a while, but the informations that I want to understand eagerly are not really vulgarized. Would someone explain me the basics of the subject?

P.S.: I’ve studied in physics(classical mechanics and optics) and chemistry(gas, energy, reaction’s speed and equilibrium) in High School. Also, if the explanations need the knowledge of other scientific domains than chemistry and physics (which is probably the case), it would be cool if I had a pdf version of a well-explained and well-vulgarized book about these domains.

P.P.S.: I read subject on these websites:

Thanks (and have fun)

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DO you mean the basics of abiogenesisis? Maybe this video will help you,

Thank you very much!

P.S.: Sorry, if I didn’t answer earlier. I actually went at the library of my town and took books on biochemistry, general chemistry and microbiology. I forced myself to read those, but it was quite complex. To understand biochemistry, I had to fully understand general chemistry. I understand chemistry, but I haven’t learnt everything about it, so I had to read my general chemistry book and it’s quite a very huge book. Despite all of this, I could understand the microbiology book without any knowledge about it (not totally true, because I had basic courses about it eventhough I had them years ago). I was about to give up, but I saw your video. It helped me understand the RNA world theory. Thanks.

P.P.S.: Hey, is it possible that virus could actually transfer RNA to some vesicles in water giving a host body to the virus’ RNA so it could get a metabolism?