New category for help with starting Thrive development

I have created a new category #dev-help for asking about help related to developing Thrive. By me answering all the questions once we can hopefully make it much easier for new people to work on Thrive. If you have questions now start asking. I’ll also allow general programming questions for now, but they’ll be lower priority as there are a lot of places to ask general programming questions.


The beige color is used? I would used light/TRON-like blue, but oh well.

All the other category colours were already used, but I guess if it doesn’t conflict with any top level category I could change it.

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Can I move programming threads to that category @hhyyrylainen?

If they are threads asking questions about programming or tutorials, then it’s okay.

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I didn’t know I was a thread, lol. In fact, I think green is more appropriate than blue. But it’s your call.
EDIT: I moved the threads and gave them general programming tag. Is that alright?

I moved one of the threads back. The other ones are good, in my opinion.

Very good, this would be very convenient and hopefully will make it more accessible for us who want to help to connect with the dev team.

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