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Just thought I’d say hey!! Was watching the film Evolution (great film IMO). A quick Google search for evolution video games brought this on Steam so marketing must be good!!


Welcome to the Forum!

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Welcome welcome everyone to our humble(?) forum!

I hope ur all enjoy ur stay on our place of escape from realism

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I hope I might be wrong, but it is starting to look like greg just might be a bot.


I mean, atleast they did respond to actual messages, so there should be a person behind that account.

But I have to say, the style of their very first post is strangely different from the two others.

For the one reply I think it is just something like ChatGPT writing programming advice and a bot then taking that and making a response out of it. Even before the new good bot messages (though they still don’t always fit the context fully) the bots would kind of try to match the content of the thread with the pretty generic replies they posted.

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I’d say that having your PFP be set to what seems to be your own face is also a rather unusual move by an user who just joined a forum.

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It’s not completely out of the question for a programming help forum, but definitely seems to be out of place for the Thrive forums.

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