🦠 New Microbial Cutscene [Complete]

This is the thread where I will post updates on the microbial stage cutscene I am currently making!
It will be a short cutscene that plays when the player picks ‘New Game’ before launching into the microbe stage (or so I’ve been told).
Update #1

I have created a basic microbe in Blender Cycles, with a nucleus, a wifi logo, 3 powerhouses, a plant pellet, as well as two flags and some seelleeyah. I have also begun on the actual scene, but that is too ugly to be shown here… Tune in for next time!


Looking good so far

Update #2
The microbe has been rigged and animated, and here it is! It is a little choppy due to being translated from avi to mov to gif, but its swimming like all good things should!


Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, Yeah.

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Shake dat ass microboi

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Update #3

A very quick and dirty render of what the scene may look like. The underwater, hydrothermal, vent, stuff is too dark, I think that the lighting still needs work, and the scene itself is just generally unfinished. Also, the rest of the image is blurry for a depth perception effect, having the camera focus on the microbe.


it looks like a space ship landing on the moon with black lava from volcanos

You’re making some good progress!
Some critique though: It does certainly seem a bit too bright, considering hydrothermal vents are located far below the surface of the ocean in places where light can’t even reach. Perhaps make a small spotlight focusing on the area the cell is swimming about in, while the rest is in shadow?
They also tend to have a more chimney-like structure, usually with richer colors, mostly yellow it seems.

Pictures of Hydrothermical Vents (to smeltal the meltal)


Finally, I’d rethink the color of the cell, since green seems to suggest photosynthesis, which is impossible in such a dark environment.

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Lookin good! For reference, with narotiza’s comments, the new chemoplast organelle is yellow and orange so perhaps yellow and orange instead of green

Ah yes, thank yee.
I was slightly unsure of what to do with the lighting, but thanks for clearing that up! Also, the vents were based off of these ones:

But I do agree, chimney shaped ones are indeed better. As for colors, I was even less sure what to do. As I use a Mac, and cannot play Thrive, I have no idea what any colors are, and went off of past versions. Thanks for the feedback!


Fun fact, see all that white stuff near the entrance of the vent? Those are massive colonies of bacteria and microbes. Not ash. :slight_smile:


There you go. You learn something new everyday.
Also, there is one last question I have. How large is the microbe compared to the vent? I thought microbes were absolutely minuscule compared to undersea volcanic vents, so should the vents even be visible?

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just imagine you are zoomed in on the microbe but can still see the vent in the background.

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Whats the status on this?

Gah! I can’t handle the pressure!!!

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lol dont worry we wont “need” it for awhile (til right before 0.4.0 release)

yea, I know
Ive got lots on my plate right now, assessment, work, other stuff, and so Ive put this cutscene on hold
but don’t worry, I have a clear vision of what I want to do


Update #4

Got the lighting right, or did I?
Seriously, though, it may be a bit dark, but I am thinking of adding a fiery orange lights at the entrance of the vents. What do you guys think?


I really like it, this is looking good

You should make it tunnel vision not just dark
Let’s people focus in on the main object