New species for Battle of Empires

So yeah it’s a forgotten game but here are some new species for the game.
Common Name: Butcher Cryptocephalops
Scientific Name: Cryptocephalops carnivora
Classification: Yaoridae
Aggressiveness: 3 (rarely attacks American Yaoras)
Diet: Common Cryptocephalops
Size: About as tall as an average male American Yaora (so 7’05")
Description: These creatures are too predators but sadly their populations are declining due to the overhunting of them by American Yaoras and many have predicted that they’ll go extinct within the next 50 or so years. They too are sapient.
Common Name: Yaermph
Scientific Name: ???
Classification: ???
Aggressiveness: ???
Diet: ???
Size: ???
Description: Little is known about these creatures due to there only being 1 left thus making it an endling but scientists are trying to make their population recover but due to there only being 1 left it’s impossible.

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