New stage

When is it likely that you will be working on a game on a stage other than the microbial stage?

They plan on having microbial as a mostly finished product before moving on to multicellular.

If you want to keep tabs on the version numbers, multicellular is planned to begin after… etc.
Anything with a “0.” Before another number is gonna be microbial/unicell.

Yes, but it has been under development for ten years.

Yes, but only recently has a developper been actually employed to work on the game regularly

No one has been here for 10 years. I’ve been the longest staying programmer, and even I’ve been only active since 2016, but only whenever I’ve had spare time to spend on Thrive. The past half a year has been the first time in history that we have had a hired developer developing Thrive one day a week. It’s entirely incomparable in terms of development speed to a studio that has 10+ full time developers for multiple years. But I think (thanks to the Steam release, I think we are pretty close to being able to afford one full time developer) we’ll have mostly finished microbe stage in one or two years.


thank you for teaching me. I look forward to it. By the way, how long does it take to reach the social and industrial stages?

For Steam Early Access I estimated that we could make the basic version of each stage in 2 years. So after the microbe stage “completion” add on roughly 2 years for each subsequent stage. This estimate is based on the assumption that at least some money will keep flowing in so that I can work on Thrive at least part time in the future as well.


By the way, can you tell me again what kind of stage there is?

In other words, do you mean that it will take 10 years to complete the social stage if you summarize the information so far?

this is a game made by non-profit spore hobby groups.
What are you expecting?
Even this game finished after 100 years, it is still acceptable.


And it can only get faster from there!


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