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Thrive, just like the creatures it simulates, is constantly evolving and improving. But to do that, we need effective channels by which we can hear feedback from the community.

Link to the suggestions board:


Are we allowed to go on “feature campaigns”
what I mean is:
Say I want to implement a feature, I go around the forums asking for people’s support, and ask them to vote for my feature, is this allowed.


I would say no for two reasons:

  1. It defeats the whole point of the suggestions board. We want to see what fans truly feel about different suggestions. Which suggestions are the most truly popular among the playerbase. Spiritless votes defeats that whole purpose.
  2. Remember, we cannot guarantee that every suggestion will be accepted by the developers. This suggestion board is only a source for inspiration and discussion, not a to-do list. And even if we do like the suggestion we might decide to reinterpret it during implementation.

have a way to not play thrive at all and just watch the ai do its work


I don’t see why that would hurt the suggestion board. Campaigning doesn’t force people to vote, it just brings the suggestion to their attention

If anything it bolsters the suggestion board, getting even more people involved in the suggestion

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If by “campaigning” you mean simply letting people know that you’ve made a suggestion and telling them to vote for it if they support it, then yeah sure that’s okay, in fact even good so that we see the suggestions and consider them. For example, you could open a thread to discuss it here on the forums, and in the OP you link to the suggestion you made on the Suggestion Board.

What’s more it’s also okay to make a thread trying to persuade people why your suggestion is a good idea. For example, maybe you think implementing X organelle will improve the gameplay, and people are initially hesitant. You can create a thread explaining how you think it will improve gameplay, and try to persuade people with your arguments. However, at the end of the day, it’s their choice how to vote. So there should be no “trading” of votes like “I’ll vote for yours if you vote for mine”.

The “trading” of votes is what it sounded like TheForumGameMaster was suggesting when he said “go around the forums asking for peoples’ support, and ask them to vote for my feature”. That’s what’s not allowed.

Hope that clears it up.


I think it’s actually even a pretty good idea that if someone posts a new idea on these forums they could also post it on the suggestions board so we could see how many people like their idea.


can you don’t make membranes disappear after the cell dies (and only disappear after got eaten)

Please put your suggestions on the actual suggestions board instead of as a comment here.

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controlling 2 species in a symbiotic relationship?

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