New thriver's introduction

Hello to everyone, good morning/afternoon/night depending on your timezone, i’m a humble guy from Brazil that hopes to participate in this project!

Thrive is a game that holds a very special place in my heart and i would love to be help this project… thrive!

I am a novice to programming only experienced in problem solving, (along with basic game design knowledge), i still hope to be able to help in any way i can in this project, since participating would also be a great way to learn more about programming in general.

So how can i get involved?


Welcome to the forums, partner! You may start helping by solving some of the issues that are on the project’s GitHub page. After a while, you might get a grasp on how the game’s code works and then be part of the dev team. Other than that, you can also share your ideas in the forums. There are idea threads in each subcategory of the Future Game category.

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If you want to just quickly try out programming Thrive, you can find instructions on how to compile the game here:

After you get the game compiling (please go here if you run into any issues: Development Help - Thrive Community Forum) you can start looking for something to do. You can either try messing around yourself in the code to gauge how your programming skills stack up, or pick an easy issues from our Github to try to do that:

There’s also some issues tagged as good first issues (but there aren’t always a lot of them to pick from) that should be even easier to get started with as your first Thrive contribution.

Once you have a solution you can then send it to us as a pull request. There’s various other documentation files in the repo about this process. For example:

For how to officially join the team you can find info on that here: Get Involved - Revolutionary Games Studio

Note that for programming roles we require either work samples or a completed pull request to Thrive.

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