New video for y'all if you want it


VSDC, the free version. When I render it, for the video part I use some sort of Constant Quantizer value (set to 100, I’m assuming that means 100 out of 100 quality), not an actual bitrate, and for audio I have it set to Vorbis audio at 320 kbps. I dunno.

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@hhyyrylainen if you have time could you please perhaps do that thing you did to this one, it is definetly a better version.
https ://

(to go to it get rid of the space after the https)


You just need ffmpeg installed and you can re-encode the video like this:
ffmpeg -i "ThriveIntroNewVersion2.mkv" -c:v vp9 -c:a libvorbis -b:v 2M out.mkv

You can replace the 2M with the wanted bitrate. I don’t really see much point in it being higher than 2-3.