New View On Customization

This video seems to be pretty fake, but if you watched it, it has a pretty groundbreaking concept.

My main interest in the editor, like organ and muscle type editing, allows for a lot of things you could never imagine in a regular creator, and could be simplified for the more average player.


Yeah, given that this video is from The Onion of all places.
Honestly, at such a level of detail, I would probably just freak out and use a base template. Worked for me in Xenoblade X, I just wanted to belgiumming play the game instead of go through the character editor. Once they started getting into the different blood types, that would be too much for me.
But I would like a somewhat gamelike approach to detail - everything is benefits and drawbacks: do I go for thicker muscles for more strength but be heavier, or have lighter and weaker muscles? Of course, this would affect morphology, thicker muscles will be physically wider. Smaller stat changes could also potentially be randomized between different members of a species, allowing for more differentiation that isn’t just pigmentation.


It was the onion so.

Onions have layers

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