Nitpicking Worlds

This form is kind of a world dump where i put my xenobiology for my world Tartarus and then have the community nitpick it to make it as refined as possible. Like if something is impossible, my science is off, or something doesn’t make sense, it will be pointed out and i can fix it. Others are welcomed to put worlds and bios up here too and have them nitpicked. I mostly made this as a spot where you can have your world checked before putting it up on the TU thread.

please help refine these worlds.

Planet: Tartarus

System Status

Star System Code: [BZ-106W-7223Q]

Stare System Location: Middle Seregon Arm

Planets: 6

Stars: 1

Planet Status

Artificial Satellites : 1

  • Zeus Space Station

Natural Satellites: 2

Status: Habitable

Diameter: 7,037km

(Roughly size of mars)

Gravity: 39%

Atmospheric Composition:

  • Oxygen: 35%
The rest of A.S.C.

I couldn’t find any more information if you want to help, this world is based on the carboniferous period
all information helps

Average Temperature: 20C (68F)

Continents: 4


(didn’t get this far but will fill this in)

  • Right continent

  • Left continent

  • Middle Island continent

  • Bottom Left Island continent

  • 2 Icecaps

Life Status

Life Complexity Level: Aware

Local Sapient Life: 0

Foreign Sapient Life: 1

  • Homo-sapiens


Concept art Subject to change

Homo-sapiens Presences