Notification email server change

The server that sends the emails for notifications on here (and also on the ThriveDevCenter if anyone reading this happens to use that) will be moved. I’ll start in about 30-ish minutes, and after that it might take an hour or two to get the emails back online. So for that period no notification emails will be sent.

I’m letting you guys know just in case the new server’s IP causes the emails to go into spam. If you aren’t very good at remembering to check your spam, you’d do me a favour by setting a reminder for yourself in 2 weeks to check your spam folder and mark any of the forum emails as not spam, if any ended up in spam.


emm,So what’s new email sever IP

The server hostname is which you can easily enough get the IP of (for example with nslookup):

$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:
Address: 2a02:c207:2068:3255::1

Oh and yeah I forgot to mention that the emails should be working now.