(O.6.7.0 beta) Immortality with Ferroplast

in the early game I spected into iron and for some reason or another I became immortal, I instantly regened my health the second I lost it including from starvation. Edit after awhile I died to burst damage and every other cell wasn’t immortal just the starting cell.

Can you provide any more details? Or even a save file from when you were rapidly re-generating health?

There should be nothing in the game that increases health regeneration rate with a ferroplast present. The only thing giving healing to microbes is having a positive ATP balance. So if the healing is very rapid then it is a bug but I have no idea right now what could be causing it.

“C:\Users\ldcli\AppData\Roaming\Thrive\saves\Primum_Superium.thrivesave” this is my save if you have any problems accessing it please inform me (I play on steam if that affects anything)

You need to upload the save file somewhere I can download it from. Google Drive, Dropbox, file.io are some of the options.

https://file.io/liJw8UYp1yc5 if this dosnt work ill try google drive

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Alright, I loaded the save. What should I see? I ran into a few toxins and regenerated health afterwards like normal. Next I used the suicide button to play as a single cell and again I hit environmental toxins and pili of other cells and I regained health like normal. I finally let my ATP run out and while there was some pretty noticeable regen I did take damage. After I refilled on compounds to get my ATP production back, my health regenerated at a normal rate. So I cannot see any problems related to health regeneration or being invulnerable to damage.

I just booted up the save and the bug has stopped I dont know what caused it but its gone now, how it was was I regned all my health everytime I took damage, I dont have this problem with any of my other saves so it might be client side or something else I’ll delve into the logs and see if I see anything. (Edit) love the game you guys are really putting in effort I cant wait to see how far this game goes