Observer Mode Mod

Yesterday I posted a timelapse I’d created with the day/night cycle on our subreddit. It required modifying the game to hack in an observer mode, so I’ve now decided to make it a mod.

Note infinite compounds and God mode are fixed on by default, so cannot be toggled. It’s also possible to shoot toxins as a non-existent entity.

Perhaps this will be implemented in the main game in future, but given it would require a non-trivial amount of design and implementation work (adding the mode to a menu, hiding some of the UI, dealing with tutorials, etc.) this is all we have for now. Enjoy.


It’s nice to see a new mod! I’ll try it out in a bit.

Very nice to see a new mod. Out of curiosity I checked how the mod was made and can report it was made with Harmony to patch the game code during runtime.

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