Odd prognoses of auto-evo

Hello. I played chemosynthesis and photosynthesis cells and discover odd auto-evo prognoses. When I played chemosynthesis cell in vulcano, my population permanently increased, excluded moments when I died. But when I played photosynthesis cell in warm lake, amount of my population begin decrease after some moment. How I understand my cells died at reason of glucose deficite. But it haven’t sense. My cell can’t die at reason of glucose deficite because it product glucose via photosynthesis and its component balance is positive. Final amount of population by auto-evo will be some thousands. Thus my game process likes surrealistic: I can just to do nothing and reproduce, but thousands of my other cells die. Why auto-evo prepares this great extinction of my autotrophic organisms?

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There is a limited amount of energy available from sunlight in each patch. This means as there’s more and more competition from other sunlight-using species your species’ share of the energy gets smaller. That effectively sets a maximum population on photosynthesising species. The reason why sunlight is limited is that it makes physical sense that if the entire surface of an ocean is filled with photosynthesizing cells, then there isn’t any more room in the light for more cells to capture sunlight.

This actually raises the question whether the amount of (photosynthesizing) cells in a patch should lower the amount of sunlight the player has access to in-gameplay. That sounds like it would be quite difficult both to balance and deal with as a player, however.

best solution to that if you want to photosynthesize: have large cells and be a mixotroph

Thanks for advice. But I realized other strategy: my six-segments cells beginned extinct and I step by step deleted all elements except 1 tilacoide. My population quickly increased and continue increase to over 200k. (On hard difficulty)

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