[OLD] 0.3.4 Overhaul Mod



I think the windows version of 7zip can also unrar files (the linux version can’t as the unrar code has some weird licensing stuff).

I wouldn’t recommend using rar format at all.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #22

I tsted at my sisters coputer and it works on hers . When I get home I gonna test on my with 7-zip.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #23

Omg It works with 7zip thanks @hhyyrylainen.

(Untrustedlife) #24

Your name sounds youtubeish, you planning to play it on youtube?

(V for vladetta) #26

Where is the “Mod’s file” thing?


“the mod’s file” is referring to the file you downloaded and unpacked.

(V for vladetta) #29

Thanks, mate.

(DropTherapy) #30

Any way to fix the frequent crashes in the game? Is that just the game, or does that have something to do with the mod?


It’s probably the game itself, it’s hard to imagine this causing increases in the rate of crashing.

(RizkyPramudyaCJ) #32

Yeah sometimes mod can make game crash and this happen adding mods in Thrive

(Askyw) #33

its just thrive. the current patch crashes more than it should.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #34

Ever Gonna Update?

(Δф - Delta Phi) #35

Perhaps because at this rate, the game will update before the mod, rendering all his work invalid. And yes, they are changing the scripting language to something C++ inspired, so no more LUA.


What @DPHKraken said, plus there’s not much interesting stuff left to mod (unless you want slightly modified textures, yay). plus I’ve been on vacation and before that my PC exploded and I had to get a different, less capable one and I haven’t even installed Thrive yet. If you have any good suggestions that I haven’t thought about I might try and add them, though.

(EvolvingPyrocell) #37

@Nein99 , suggestion, make viruses more realistic, not just a cloud, but a cell with a special part to inject virus DNA, which forces you to make more viruses until you EXPLODE in viruses!!!


Viruses are too small to see even at the scale of Thrive, that’s why they’re clouds. Making viruses visible, individual cells would make the game less realistic.

(EvolvingPyrocell) #39

Depends on the virus species, i know there are MASSIVE viruses out there, or viruses similiar size to our cells.


Those are very, very rare, and viruses like that wouldn’t exist at the early stage of life in Thrive.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #41

Maybe u can make the predator cels attack other cels not only the player

(Δф - Delta Phi) #42

Maybe you’d rather ask Untrustedlife about that.