[OLD] 0.3.4 Overhaul Mod


Thrive’s first Overhaul mod is here, with a ton of changes, fun gameplay, and even completely new features.

  • Better biome backgrounds.
New and Old biome backgrounds

  • Four new biomes; Ice Shelf, Freshwater, Underwater Cave & Tidepool.

  • More vibrant compound colors (except CO2, which is darker) and with better textures.

  • Compounds are far more abundant, and it is easier to reproduce.

  • To balance out the last change listed:
    -Bright red virus clouds spawn that hurt you when absorbed.
    -AI microbes move twice as fast. Predators will chase and hunt you, and Prey will flee.
    -Microbes drop 90% of their compounds as opposed to 30% when they are engulfed as a reward for engulfing them, since microbes are now faster and harder to catch.
    -Procedural microbe generation is changed so that microbes have more unique shapes and tend to have more flagella.

  • Chloroplasts and toxin vacuoles are now available in the editor.

  • The editor is more zoomed out.

  • The player is slightly faster.

  • Slightly improves the cell membrane texture.

  • Makes the Nucleus texture slightly translucent.




  1. Unpack the mod’s file.
  2. Navigate to the Thrive folder.
  3. Back it up somewhere else.
  4. Copy the Thrive folder in the mod’s file and paste it in the directory the vanilla Thrive folder is in. Replace files when prompted.

Thanks to @UntrustedLife for helping me a lot with this mod. If not for him, this mod wouldn’t have some of its best features.

(Untrustedlife) #2

Awesome :slight_smile: :wink:

(Askyw) #3

Will 0.4.0 have the ability to minimize that annoying editor window so you can actually add parts to the left side of your microbe?


Update: Made Virus clouds more rare and changed their color to bright red

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(Untrustedlife) #5

I’ll see what i can do on that front

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(Untrustedlife) #6

Your download link is broken Its a link to teh ATP clouds mod now lol. (EDIT: They fixed it and its fun af)

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Sorry about that, it’s fixed now

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(Askyw) #8

or actually just moving the center of the cell over more to the Right, or allowing rotation of the editor

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  • Added four new biomes: Ice Shelf, Freshwater, Underwater Cave & Tidepool
  • Changed the cell membrane texture (it looks smoother than before)
  • Microbes now tend to have more flagella
  • Microbes now move twice as fast instead of three times as fast
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  • fixed the Freshwater background (before it was accidentally the same as the tidepool background)
  • improved the compound cloud texture
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(Untrustedlife) #11

Looks like you also changed the microbe texture?

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yes, a while ago

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  • Made the Nucleus slightly translucent
  • Made the compound clouds slightly less
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(𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝑜𝒻 𝒯𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈) #14

Probably need to update the screenshots now with the updates you made.

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I already did, a while ago

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #16

When i try to ehtract the file. An error pops up and seys that its unknown or damaged.

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(Untrustedlife) #17

DO you have winrar?

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(The Collector Of Useless Information) #18

Yes. How did i instal Thrive :thinking:

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Winrar is completely terrible and doesn’t it ask every now and then to buy it? I’d never install that on my computer.

Use 7zip (which is completely free and open source) instead.

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(Untrustedlife) #20

The mod is in a rar file

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