On linux, the game fails to terminate when closed from within the menu and instead freezes/becomes nonresponsive. The task then has to be manually killed

There aren’t really any logs to give here, as it’s not really a crash - as far as I can tell, the process/task simply doesn’t shut down properly but does shut down enough to make itself unresponsive.

In a similar vein, the launcher does not close itself on launching the game if the setting is selected, though this may be unrelated as the launcher remains responsive and can be closed manually without killing the task.


Same for me. Dell PC, Windows 10.

Pretty strange. I haven’t had this problem myself at all on Linux or Windows. Thrive and the launcher quit just fine for me.
Is it the same if you use the X button on the game window to close it?

Could you download Godot editor 3.5 and see if that closes properly? My guess is that we cannot be using Godot engine so incorrectly that this would be our fault, so I suspect this is an engine problem.

Edit: sometimes when I’ve ran the game for a long time and it is in a bit of a bugged state, then it’ll refuse to close by itself, but that’s very rare.

The X button does indeed work. I personally use Godot for my own projects and have never had issues with it not closing, but I don’t use internal menus to close it most of the time.

The button in Thrive literally calls just this:

Literally just asks Godot to quit. If that’s not working, then it’s pretty obviously an engine bug, that is some Linux setup specific issue as I don’t have it and one other team member who uses arch has also not seen the problem.