On Realism

It is to my understanding that the plan for the space stage is to largely abandon known physical laws to allow for sci-fi technology speculation. While I understand why, I find it a bit disappointing and antithetical to the whole point of Thrive. A game that, to me, is all about mixing scientific accuracy with fun game design.

Edit (I intended to put this part in the original post but accidentally posted it earlier): The one deviation from known science that I’d suggest is adding negative mass particles as something that both exists and is manufacturable. This would allow for traversable wormholes and Alcubierre drives without straying too far from what’s known.

P.S. I really hope that Dyson spheres aren’t a thing in this when Dyson swarms are a significantly better alternative. They are much, much cheaper, can actually be made from real materials, and are only slightly less efficient at harvesting sunlight.

I’d prefer for the space stage to be scientifically accurate, or at least have some respect for actual science.

We’ll definitely respect real science as much as possible. The space stage until invention of FTL will be science based. Some players have mentioned in the past that they don’t really want scifi, which is understandable. So probably at some point we’ll make the experience of just forever being at our current Earth’s tech level possible (as long as you don’t want to beat the game) if someone wants to be stuck like that and doesn’t want to dream scifi dreams.
Also negative mass is not really real science yet. I think we’ll put in some likely candidates on how FTL might work based on our current understanding, but those will be pure scifi as we don’t actually know which, if any, FTL method is actually possible in real life.

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There are ways to get FTL within the known realms of science. We just can’t build them with our current level of technology and power. We have the designs and everything.

Unless you can actually build something, instead relying on abstract math that hasn’t proven to match reality, you don’t know if it would actually work or not.

I mean they actually have designs for these mechanisms but don’t have the power to build them. (Pretty much all forms of power, resources, energy, finite particle control.) They literally have a design for the power source for the space folding mechanism by positioning atoms in a delicate arrangement to keep other particles from appearing out of nothing to create the negative energy needed for the space folding mechanism.

The closest thing I’m aware of to what you’re talking about is the Casimir effect, which could maybe but probably not stabilize traversable wormholes, but I don’t see how it’d be enough for an Alcubierre drive.

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I’m talking about the compression of space in-front of you and decompression of space behind you.

So you’re just talking about the concept of the Alcubierre drive itself, which is purely theoretical and doesn’t have an actually worked out design.

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do you have a link for those atoms being positioned to not allow the creation of particles and thus create that negative energy?

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Nope! This is just from me talking to people I know in my life who have read it. That is where I get most of my information actually. which is why none of it is creditable. The best I can do is look it up and hope I find the same page.

Pedantry incoming: credited, not creditable. Creditable means deserving of credit but not very impressive. Honestly it’s not credible, either.

What kind of people siad that,

People I trust to read into things and find source material to disprove their own argument before making a claim. And to thoroughly research an arguments source material (and that materials source and there source etc…) before beliving what they say.

Your trust goes a long way then…
ASk them the source then…

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Was a while ago. Years. Probably doesn’t remember the conversation. But I like science so I remember those parts.

They were most likely talking about the casimir effect. Which as im aware cant be used for alcubierre drives.

Sorry to disappoint you, but he was not talking about the casimir effect.

Surely you understand how this is hard to believe. If we had a 100% verified design for FTL that we were just a couple technological breakthroughs from building in the real world, I’m sure I would have heard of it by now.

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Or they never brought it up because they didn’t build it yet. And we’re not just a few technological breakthroughs away. We are Dyson spheres away.

Even as just an idea, an actual, concrete design for FTL would be huge enough. Sorry that I can’t believe you so easily on this, but a claim like this requires some evidence. FTL isn’t just some barrier we can’t pass yet, it’s a fundamental limit of reality. Even using a loophole like Alcubierre drives would still allow for time travel, and the breaking of causality.

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