One thing - Movement mechanic

Finally tried out the updated version of the game, and so far it’s pretty great. The one thing I wanted to point out was that apparently the game can’t tell the difference between me intentionally moving my cell and something pushing it while it’s staying still. If my cell gets pushed around by other cells/organelles from dead cells, my cell’s ATP starts dropping as though I’m actively moving it. If this is biologically accurate and I just don’t understand how biology works, let me know, but otherwise that might be something to address at some point. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, except at one point the game figured it out, and I was being an idiot with cell design so my cell didn’t have much ATP generation at the time, so the game made a cell that would just hunt me down when I was low on ATP and just slowly push me around, keeping my ATP at 0 and making my health drop from lack of ATP until I died. Again, I was being an idiot so I kinda deserved it, but it was still annoying to have the game kill me over something that I was pretty sure shouldn’t work in the first place.

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Yeah we’re aware of the issue. Being pushed shouldn’t cost you atp. Thanks for the report :slight_smile:


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I got killed in one game like this. I had just made the transition to being a eukaryote, and was near to reaching the editor. A cell came out of nowhere and insistently pushed me around until I died. It seemed so maliciously deliberate at the time, I’m surprised this is a bug.

I know a trick to prevent dying from this : get as many mitochondria as possible. This way, you’ll produce so much ATP that you won’t die.