I read on the wiki that we will be able to develop male and female variants for creatures as well as different castes for them (think ants.) Now, assuming what’s on the wiki is actually planned for the game, I’m quite excited. However, will we have ontogeny-based variants? For those who don’t know, ontogeny is the development of an individual organism or anatomical or behavioral feature from the earliest stage to maturity. Basically, it’s a baby becoming an adult. Will we be able to make different looks for creatures based on age?

I would imagine yes, I could be wrong but I remember them talking about how in multicellular you can make spores that grow up and change into your organisms adult form so i would think that would carry on to other stages as well

Initially it will probably work so that babies are just smaller versions of creatures. As it will be quite complicated to add editor support for different developmental stages.

I’d say the best way to have this sort of thing would be limiting it to colors. eg. A grey baby, light blue adolescent, and a bright green adult…

But that involves colour changing and probably more awkward to code than “small adult is bab”

Well it is easier than having two seperate models

Just shrink down the model initially and slowly upscale it

no, I meant the original idea by crandonscientist
that would be hard to do, but color would be a happy medium.
some customisation, but not too much

Oh, I see


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Necropost time, so insects are just going to be smaller versions of adults when they hatch out of eggs instead of larval —> caccoon—> adult.

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I’m sure that proper life cycles are something that need to be added eventually, it’s just that that’s likely how organisms are going to develop until we get that implemented

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just allow people to make seperate versions of their creatures if they want Changes in growth It can be one baby model to adult or could be millions they could just add as many as they want and set it so it can be like if one year old use this model or when two year old change to this model and so on

with insects molting is a thing so transitions could be smoother between models