Organ creation

so I’ve heard throughout multiple threads about the concept of making organs in the aware stage, this thread is for y’all’s ideas for organs

An acid chamber that digests food?

how about a stomach that forms a symbiosis with a tape worm like creature

Maybe a sac that produces photosynthetic gel then releases it into the world for the creature to come back later and eat it.

Maybe being able to spawn an lump of meat then move and shape it how ever we want and also to name it something different than, say, a heart. Also free placement so if we wanted we could have the heart in the head and the brain in the abdomen. Through this we could also make different properties like how the stomach deteriorates food into nutrients for the creature and how the heart pumps blood to the limbs and other vital organs.

I have always wanted to have an external placenta for my creature. Not an egg per se, but something more like a placenta. It would have somewhat of an independent behavior and can react to any creature trying to prey on it and “attack” it with stinging cells somewhat like an anemone, defending the embryo as it grows to a state where it can at least swim away from predators.