Organ design

basicly, we need some organ like heart, arm etc. but I want to say, we can use muscle cell or other something to make ourself organ. In technical, we can make it like a black box: we can calculate all event: some muscle cell will response key event for leg will be straighted, sometime there are chloroplasts, and we can calculate in differece light…In the end, we save these result, then we no need to calculate again, I think it improves performance for user-defined organ.
I tryed make a so large cell have so many chloroplast but it will make my computer run so slowly. In this way, I think it will make my computer run slowly only little then I’m only have a chloroplast.

I renamed this thread as “organelle” is not the same as “organ” which is what you are talking about.

The plan is to use a sculpting system based on metaballs for macroscopic species creation. Some talk has happened on how organs will be defined but there’s nothing concrete yet:

You can already see some of this in the prototypes and how the cell types used for the metaballs affect a few small things.