Organelle cost

I think all organelles should have an unlocking cost that’s twice as much as the unlocked version. Since its harder to evolve a completely new organelle then one that is already in its DNA this could also let you control the progression of evolution without making it constricting, for example say your a brand new cell and need defenses, on your first editing session say you only have 25 MP and you have three choices a engulfing edge-20, pilis-100, or agents-150 you can only afford the edge right now but you could save up for a pilis and once you unlock the pilis it becomes only 50 MP because you already have the DNA code for it.


Thats an interesting idea, i actually kinda like that, though i dont know if it reduces the amount of choice the player has. (because why not take the organelle you have a discount on for example)

thats kinda the point I was reading on the dev forum that you guys wanted a natural way of controlling progression my example was probably a little extreme maybe only 20-30% off or something but doing this is more realistic. And the reasion why you get the more expensive one its the same reason if this isn’t a thing, because one is better then the other. Why get a slug bug/ punch buggy when you could get a camaro both do the same thing, its because you can afford to have the better one but if you cant then you get the cheaper one.