Organelle* division can sometimes lock player cell rotation

I discovered this while engulfing several organelles at once. (I think) during organelle division player cell rotation can glitch and stop working, you won’t be able to rotate the cell using wasd keys or the cursor

Save where you can see the glitch in action

Also discovered another bug after I tried to save on another glitched cell, the cell just doesn’t load and the camera is stuck on where you last saved

The cell rotation bug sounds quite a lot like: Errors in cell's controll - #2 by hhyyrylainen

Does the bug persist when the save is loaded?

What caused the cell to glitch out? Very likely the save file is not useful as the bug has already happened and it is not possible to go back to see what triggers it. A log file from when the bug happened might have useful info in it.

I cant get on my pc rn so I cant provide the logs

Yes the bug persisted after loading the save

On the second save initially it was the same circumstances, engulfing cell chunks and cell rotation suddenly glitched. Afterwards I saved and reloaded and the cell no longer loaded. I’m not sure if those two bugs are related

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I tried loading both of those two saves, but neither of them had anything out of the ordinary. My cell was able to rotate normally.

I also inspected the player entity in the second save and the rotation data seemed completely normal.

              "$type": "Components.WorldPosition, Thrive",
              "Position": {
                "x": 1046.97949,
                "y": -2.220446E-16,
                "z": -2519.972
              "Rotation": {
                "x": 0.0,
                "y": -0.427317,
                "z": 0.0,
                "w": -0.9041019
              "$type": "Components.Physics, Thrive",
              "Velocity": {
                "x": -11.5513124,
                "y": 0.0,
                "z": 2.797112
              "AngularVelocity": {
                "x": 0.0,
                "y": -0.4218794,
                "z": 0.0
              "LinearDamping": 0.99,
              "AngularDamping": 0.9,
              "TrackVelocity": true,
              "AxisLock": 3,
              "DisableCollisionState": 0,
              "BodyDisabled": false

Update: based on other reports I may have found the root cause. And if it is the root cause then there is a fix now: