Organelles not visible in the editor


I can"t see any of my parts in the editor. All I get is grey boxes.

Anyone else having this problem?

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so when you place them they’re grey? (also welcome to the community forums!)

(Space Potato) #3

At the engine switch the textures for the organelles were lost. Its a known bug that is trying to be fixed (I think). So many people repeat this and it’s getting on my nerves. Sorry if I come off as rude. Welcome to forums. But please be gentle on my nerves (don’t take this sentence seriously). Everyone has it. It’s basically a feature now. Except after it’s fixed. I feel very dead right now. I wish I were more dead (joke suicide is wrong).


This is what I see.

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(Space Potato) #5

Everyone sees grey hexes.
I see them and it has been reported many times.
Sorry but I’m tired maybe someone can pick up this thread… goodnight…
Also I might start developing Thrive eventually so yay


Developer here. Currently organelle models do not show up in the editor, but they should appear fine in game once you exit the editor. To clarify, this is not a bug caused by the engine switch and we haven’t lost any textures, the code for showing organelles in the editor simply isn’t in place yet. The grey boxes are a placeholder for now.

This is being worked on and should be fixed by the next release.

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@1n48yg answered already, but I’ll just leave the actual Github issue here as well:

Also, ATM it is not included in the 0.4.2 milestone. So it will only be included in the next release if someone works on it. Also I haven’t posted this link in a while, so if you or someone you know has skills send them our way: