Organism v. Organism?

So I was thinking to myself “what would it be like if two alien species fought each other?” (I was thinking about the Birrin and humans) and I think it’s kind of interesting to think of what the advantages and disadvantages of what different species are. For example; the birrin are likely faster and have more limbs, making them more handy, however they are thinner and would likely be subdued by a good hard kick from a human (PETA dont sue). Anyway it would be kind of cool to talk about which is why I made a thread for it and if it gets popular enough someone could make it a forum game I suppose.

We would have to test this on all other levels first. Single cell brawls are already being worked, but you’re talking about groups of trillions of cells with hundreds of different functions working in unison in two different forms. I’m not saying that this isn’t possible, i’m just trying to be realistic. This could make for great test runs in a “sandbox” realm.


I mean I’m talking more like a multicellular organism, you don’t have to account for every blood cell in a wrestling match is what I’m saying.