Organisms that split off from the player

So, I played it like if I remember correctly a few days ago or even like 2 week ago like the newest version and I just realized that Primum idales’ lineage is so diverse but yet my species’ lineage doesn’t split off at all and is just one straight line and yet I’ve tried not changing a thing but that too doesn’t work. So could there be a feature of which some members of the player’s lineage do split off into new species, so let’s make 2 examples for simplicity sake. First we have the Floof Nuggets and let’s just say after like 300 million years they split off into the Spikey Pokes and Spinney Joes, which the Spinney Joes are the player species and so are the Floof Nuggets which Floof Nuggets evolved at around 200 million years

The player species has about as much chance of new species appearing from their species as the AI species. Though with the player species not being able to split into two due to selection pressure might mean the chance is actually lower. But anyway the only thing we could really do is artificially increase the chance to pick for other species to split from the player species. Even that wouldn’t fully help as after all the patches have a few species only diverting selection pressures seem to drive species splitting. Concrete suggestions on what could be done are welcome.

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what i do is just wipe out all the species that aren’t me to get mine to have a higher chance of splitting and if that doesn’t work i change my species to be more viable

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Recommending genocide, I see…

This is actually good advice because when considering creating a split auto-evo only performs the split if the split species would gain population. So having your species be really good makes it more likely to be the source for new split species.

another good thing to do is keep the osmoreg option at or above 1

You know I might do that on my next playthrough of the game

I think this happens often because the types of cells players design are not quite what the auto-evo ranks as most viable, so other species tend to perform better (enough to warrant splitting).

Compounding this is that auto-evo for AI species operates under different rules. Effectively, AI gets more “MP”, so can get more new organelles/grow in size faster.