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I don’t know if other people make quotes but I do so here’s this thread, feel free to post.

“Look to the skies at night, everything you see; one day it will all be ours.”

“Twinkle twinkle be hittin different on your third pack of fruits snacks you feel me”

“atrocities committed during war will be forgotten or downplayed if perpetrated by victors”


History is written by the victors
Winston Churchill

“Standing together, we will thrive. Separate, extinction is inevitable.”

And I… am Iron Man snap


On humor, from yours truly:

It’s funny, precisely because it’s unfunny.

It’s unfunny, because it makes too much sense.

“Staring up at looming greatness may blind some, but others may see the rust that has formed, and that great powers always grow weak and crumble.”

“Those who boast of power then hide behind walls show their true strength.”

“If the king does not move, the environment will also remain in place”
“We must only move forward, even if we can only crawl”

“the Elders are retarded” - @Omicron

@discobot quote

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:left_speech_bubble: Self-complacency is fatal to progress. — Margaret Sangster

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You shouldn’t have done that!




The more perfect you are, the harder it will be for you
Snake game
The successes tend to disappear and errors pile up.
Tetris game
Sometimes there is no right to mistake.
Minesweeper game
To survive, you need to look in all directions.

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Read this quote only if you are 16+ years old and if you are an old movie watcher, else you won't understand the reference
“Oh Frank! Oh Frank, my lips are hot! Kiss my hot lips!”

- Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan, M * A * S * H (the movie)


This means you have to make up your own quote, not quote something someone else said eons ago.


I think, my quotes are original, even I use some games like prototype.

“While unrestricted progress may be disastrous, those who attempt to halt progress are a threat to all humanity.”

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“Not all continuation is evolving”(FIFA :smile:)

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