Other Open Source Games

What are your favourite open source game ever you played beside Thrive? Write your favourite open source game here.
As example: I like playing Naev, Endless Sky (not now again), FreeOrion, Vega Strike, and Pioneer Space Sim.


I too have played Naev and Endless Sky (my computer can’t run it without lag anymore, though). I got bored of them after a while. I really enjoyed certain musics tracks in Naev (there was one that sometimes played while fighting and it was one of my favourites).
I’ve also played Minetest, but after a few minutes of playing it alone, I normally get some existential thoughts. “What should I do with my in-game life? I could build a house… or dig for a bunch of minerals… Does any of that have any meaning? What has intrinsic value? If such a thing were not to exist, why should I continue playing this game? What keeps me from ending my in-game life?”. I normally quit once I get that far.
I also play Mindustry. I avoid public servers due to the frequent (or very harmful) griefing and due the fact that my latency varies between 600 and 1100 ms. I also don’t play on private servers that much, since I don’t really have many humans to play with. Singleplayer gets a bit boring after some time.
I also enjoy playing Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. I like the how detailed it is and how free one is. I would find it cool if there was a game with the same theme, content and ideas with multiplayer support. The way it’s currently written makes that impossible (to have multiplayer).

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What is Mindustry?
I think Endless Sky and Naev have current update as I saw this year. Naev have 0.8.0-beta2, which feature ‘Time Dilation’. Like small ship have 100%, medium ship have 200%, heavy ship have 250%. Even higher the value percentage is, the faster the gameplay is. But, it consume more resources.
Oh, I think just use NVidia or AMD dedicated cards to run Naev and Endless Sky smoothly by doing this.

Or if you have Nvidia Cards, open Nvidia Control Panel > click on “Manage 3D Settings” on 3D Settings > Go to “Global Settings” > on Preferred graphics processor, change to High-performance NVIDIA processor.
Well, same here. I prefer playing it offline than online.

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I haven’t played Naev for a long time now, but I know that it had better performance than Endless Sky (when I was able to run it, on huge battles I could as well have measured my frame rate in spf (Hz⁻¹ (which now that I think about it is equivalent to s))).
I have Intel Intergrated Graphics, so the terrible performance is to be expected.
It might be time to try Naev again.
Mindustry is a top-down factory building (people compare it with Factorio, but I’ve never played that game so I can’t say whether it is similar), tower-defence’ish (you have to protect your infrastructure from waves of enemies or from other players (if you are playing in multiplayer)) game.

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Hmmm, okay. I hope Thrive, Endless Sky, Naev, and even Vega Strike still continued.

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I’ve played mindustry. It’s basically a tower defence game, where the new thing is that you need to setup mining drills to mine resources that you use to build and supply ammo with to the towers you place.
I can recommend it if you like tower defence or base building games.


Oh, I will try that soon.