Other types of receptors for microbes

Right now the receptor added only shows compound clouds. But there can be more types.

  • Thermoreceptor: Shows the closest large thermal gradient. Works like an infrared light receptor.

  • Light receptor: Shows the surface during the day or bioluminescent cells/colonies nearby. Unlocks communication via bioluminescence.

  • Radioreceptor: Shows the closest radioactive chunk

  • Gravity receptor: Shows the ground and the surface

  • Magnoreceptor/Magnetosome: Shows the magnetic north[1] and also the downward direction

  • Electroreceptor: Shows the closest place that was hit by a lightning. Perfect choice for a surface scavenger or an ammonia seeker.

  • Gas receptor: Shows greater concentrations of carbondioxide, oxygen and nitrogen for nitrogen fixators. May be interchangeable with a gravity receptor.

  • Ph receptor: Shows carbon dioxide presence

  • Arsenic/mercury/oxytoxy receptor: Things to run away from or to follow if you are resistant to your preys oxytoxy.

  • Signal receptor: Its like a sense of smell, shows cells nearby, more so the ones that communicate with each other, allows you to listen to what they say and extends the range you can communicate with other cells.

  • Virus receptor: Shows viruses, viral protein or cells infected with viruses. Might work in long distance or in deciding whether to vomit the unhealthy cell you engulfed.

  1. to get to closer and away from the poles?(thermal gradient) ↩︎


these are all great ideas. would definintly be easy to add to the game from the sound of it

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