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What if there is the solar system In thrive but 200 years later when the humans colonized the solar system

That would throw in the question of “Are humans gonna be an easter egg in Thrive”, which I personally would say “no” to, but I don’t really know what the devs are brainstorming over in Slack.

What is slack?

The devs’ private discussion platform (I believe)

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Yes, Slack is where we have private discussions.

We will probably have some reference to our solar system even if it’s just naming a planet Earth or something, although Easter Eggs of the Space Stage are far from concrete or in our minds right about now. Personally, I like the idea of a dystopian, destroyed post-human Earth as an Easter Egg.

Does that mean that the galaxy wouldn’t be random generated, or that this “easter egg” will be a constant in random generated galaxies?

Well maybe there is a milky way galaxy in every universe but you may not spawn in it

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Earth would be a great easter egg ! I’m not sure about playing on it though :confused:

Earth in thrive? i hope that you can uplift creatures there…hmm…maybe Earth could be the same Earth of simearth…

  2. A possible solution to this conundrum would be to have an earth prior to human life or no life, or earth after some sort of apocalypse. Or it could just be an easter egg of a planet filled with goats

In MOO, if you find the sol system and the humanity faction isn’t in play Earth is a barren planet covered in craters and radiation.

In Spore, Earth is an Easter egg…

Not sure what else to say about that…