ParaWorld - A strategy game about dinosaurs

Partly as an excuse to generate some more activity here (and partly as an excuse to further my own YouTube-ial self-interests), here’s a video I made where I review a video game from 13 years ago that nobody cares about.

I’ve tried to give a pretty good overview of the game in the video itself, but here’s another anyway.

Set in a parallel world where prehistoric beasts coexist with various human cultures, ParaWorld was released in 2006 and, despite how ridiculously cool it is, didn’t really do well. RTS battles featuring dinosaurs failed to capture the hearts of the game-buying population.

I still think it’s a nice little game with some great lessons in RTS game design. I remember the first post I ever made on the Thrive forums (about three forums ago) featured a suggestion to use something akin to ParaWorld’s army controller, since it’s pretty darn useful for directing units of all shapes and sizes across the battlefield.

Anyone here ever play the game? What are your memories? For those who haven’t, anything you want to know about it?


I liked it! Scripted, highly-edited game reviews (like the works of Scott the Woz, Past-Jontron, Past-Brutalmoose, etc.) are some of my favorite videos on youtube. As for the game itself, I had never heard of it before this video, it’s kinda before my time, but if I feel like getting a new RTS game, I’ll probably check it out.

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So I’ve just watched it, and besides the intro (which if found a bit long) I really liked it! Although I must say, after years of associating you with Gustav Mahler hearing you speak with the voice of a young adult felt really weird.

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