Parts suddenly get flipped left/right

hash: a947b46c9cd06d003f96494e1f177c4ab495dfd8

In the editor (Not Multi) My parts suddenly snap to a angle that i don’t want…

Screenshot? It’s very unlikely that this is different between the latest release and any devbuild.

how do i do that on the non-steam ver?

F12 is a default key to take a screenshot. Check the inputs in the options menu, and also there’s a button in the options menu to open the screenshots folder.

Uploading: 2022-05-01_15.47.44.3482.png…

the hole in it is a mitochondria and a poison sac are the issue…

I still don’t understand what you are getting at. I see the one hex hole in your creature, but it seems the organelles around it are symmetrical when comparing to the other side…

Edit: if you could show a screenshot of before and then after the problem occurs, or even better provide a save file where doing something causes the issue to appear.

how do i find a save file?

There’s a button in the load game menu to open the saves folder.

This is very likely this problem assuming you’re trying to move organelle in place.


ok, how do i upload it?

Use any of the (reputable) five million free file hosting sites you’d use to share a file with someone over the internet.