Patch Map Editor?

Simple question, will you be able to create custom patch maps? Also being able to edit how long the day-night cycle and other conditions like that would be nice.

theoretically in ascended i’d assume, no idea if a sooner implementation is planned, but you didnt just stick this in the 5.9 thread so i assumed you were speaking generally.

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For now this seems a lot of work to make an usable editor that would be better spent on improving the gameplay and getting the microbe stage closer to being finished.


I was asking if its planned to come later, like some time after 0.6.0. EDIT: or whatever update you plan to finish the microbe stage, was it 0.6 ot 1.0?

I wouldn’t personally put it into any microbe stage completion plans. To me this wouldn’t be a necessary feature to consider before we get to working on the ascension stage properly.

One thing to note is that some customization will be available to, for example, make frozen oceans more common, or make the oceans deeper and stuff like that. But with units as abstract as “patches”, it’s a bit awkward to include something like an editor.

That being said, I can easily see world editing for the 3D world being more achievable and engaging., similar to modding in Civilization.

I mean being able to place patches and choosing what connects to what, which would allow you to make the environment you live in fairly quickly, also maybe once you get to the 3d stages it could use the same layout as the patches for the planets layout?