Performance issue, temporarily stops after sleep mode

Quite a strange occurance here, performance when I start the game is quite bad, starting already with the intro videos. Nothing I didn’t really expect, I’m not exactly playing on a fantastic PC. However, there’s something strange about this: the game speeds up almost 10 times temporarily if I put my laptop to sleep and start it up again. It’s buttery smooth. After some time the performance randomly drops down again. This makes me think there is some more specific issue making the game run slower than it should.

The game is programmed to run exactly 20 simulation steps per second. So if your computer can’t do that then it starts lagging badly.

With the sleep what probably happens is that the game keeps track of total passed time and then tries to simulate updates as fast as possible to catch up, so it will calculate a ton of updates after resuming from sleep.

Ah, that’s interesting! One question though: If my computer cannot keep up with 20 simulation steps per second, how can it easily cram so many updates in when resuming from sleep (up to a minute sometimes)?

Anyway, I suppose this means I just won’t be able to run the game properly on this computer, then? It’s certainly not state-of-the-art, but there’s been many modern games I’ve played without too many problems. Also, the game doesn’t seem to be pushing my CPU or GPU to anywhere near their limits.

Are you sure it is lag then? Due to the simulation being ran 20 times per second the result is interpolated, leading to an effect where a few people have described it kinda feeling laggy all the time. I plan on fixing that by tying the update rate to the framerate, so then the game should feel more responsive.

I’m not sure I would describe it as lag, since there’s not much delay on input. The game runs quite slowly and “laggy” consistently. I’m comparing it tothis video, which runs much faster than my game normally, but is comparable to after I wake it up from sleep mode.

Not sure if the problem you mentioned is the same I’m having.

This is pretty strange.

One thing you could try is (after locating the Thrive/bin/) folder is editing EngineConf.conf and changing the MaxFPS value to be lower.

The crash report thread has the location of the thrive install if you are using the launcher.

Actually, I have an update here: disabling WIndows search seems to have resolved the problem…somehow…
MIght just be a problem on my end then. Thank you for your time, anyway!

Edit: Scratch that, it’s running slowly again after playing a bit.

It was running fine for a while, including the intro videos. but after playing for a minute or two the game slowed down again, and after restarting the videos are running slow again as well.

I can at least confirm that lowering the maxfps to 20 doesn’t seem to change anything.

Strange. I’ve had windows decide a few times that it wants to make all CPU intensive tasks to lag like hell. The only way to fix that was just let it run for a while and then reboot to install updates.

I can’t promise 0.4.1 will resolve your problems as I’m not sure what is the issue, but I’ll make the changes needed to run the game with variable update rate. It’s going to be a while before 0.4.1, though.

Well, thanks for trying! I’ll tell you if I manage to fix it on my end.