Petition to replace the reaction emojis with funny alien creatures

simply type your username to sign. as an example. :grinning: would be a sharpy toothed smiling alien

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only on sundays

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Thats gonna take ages to implement
And it would simply be useless lol

just the reaction emojis

Maybe not all of the emojis, but what about getting the disturbance back?


eh just the reactions would be good

Well when the retort (the plugin used for post reactions currently) breaks and we are forced to switch to the official rections plugin, we no longer can have any custom reaction emoji.

Also discourse (last I checked) doesnโ€™t have a feature to replace individual emoji images, you can just pick the used emoji set from 4-5 different styles (facebook, twitter etc.).

Reactions except the feces emoji


Update: wait that was a necro Iโ€™m sorry.