Pilus Damage

So I was reading on the dev form about the pilus and how it should damage a cell and I think the damage should depend on what you hit, damaging both the cells hp (when it penetrates) and the organelle that is hit for example you could hit the mitochondria and destroy it making the cell produce less ATP or hit the nucleus and kill it like how a arrow would do to a deer but even if you missed the organelles it still takes damage from the penetration and maybe have a bleeding affect witch could be upgraded or something down the line.


I am not sure you can actually damage an orgnanelle with a pilum that easily. If you want to penentrate the cell membrane, you have the whole inertia of the cell to work with. An organelle is much smaller and lighter, and may just move to the side. If the probability for damaging an organelle is very low, you don’t need to model it in great detail (something like a “critical hit” that multiplies damage would suffice).

Another problem with destroying organelles is that, especially in the starting phase, you might only have one copy of that organelle. This means destroying it would cause the cell to die, but very slowly. If your only mitochondrium gets destroyed, you can’t move anymore and have to watch how the cell starves for a few minutes. Thats really boring.

I like the idea of bleeding. I also like the idea of crits, because they end it quickly and you can start over. Slowly starving because of a destroyed organelle is not fun.

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cells wouldn’t have them in the staring phase (when auto evolve is in) and it probably wouldn’t destroy the organelle on the first try and as it is now they don’t move and are quite large. Although I do agree that would be a slow and annoying death so maybe have a kill switch (one should be in the game even with out this being implemented) you would just kill your self while starving.

Funnily enough, this is a planned feature. It’s just a question of when it is implemented.

I think the earlier the better because starving sucks so so much in this game. It could even just be a buttion right now or command just please put it in the game

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This is a greeat idea for post 0.4.0. I have always wanted to add a bleed effect.

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Besides, cytoplasm would realistically start leaking out as the membrane is penetrated, right?

I’m not sure, i would have to look into it , but one of the cool things about microbial membranes is that they can effectively self heal., which is why IRL piluses don’t always kill cells , If they fail to do that, the cell would implode.


Speaking of which, what is the pressure inside of a cell like, is it lower or higher than the surrouding area?
sorry if i sound like an idiot for asking, but im still a bit of a newbie to small biology such as cells.