Placing and deleting Metabolosome in same editor session does not refund full cost

Logs here: Godot Engine v3.4.4.stable.mono..3089e490a - https://godotengine.orgOpenGL ES -
As the title, placing a metabolosome then right-clicking → delete does not refund the full cost, it only refunds 40 instead of 45. You can undo the deletion and placement to regain the mutation points that were deleted. At first glance it doesn’t seem to break with other parts, but I haven’t looked extensively. Logs mention an invalid MP amount which only occurs if a cheat was enabled and disabled, but I have not enabled this cheat to my knowledge.

I’m pretty sure this is another case of:

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There’s already a fix waiting for testing. If you have time and passion you may help test that fix to see if everything goes correct.