Planet Aurora-Evolution forum game

An explosion just happened where multicellular animals diverse. U start as a 10cm long worm with no eyes, bones or a brain, they just mindlessly swim around filter feeding on smaller species. The goal is to evolve to a changing ecosystem and try to not go extinct!

The rules:
1.U get one vote every turn(Regular vote), ur vote is at the mercy of the dice which is a 6d and the numbers mean:
1-opposite of what u asked
2-Slightly inefficient mutation
3-Nothing happens
4-What u asked for happens
5-More efficient mutation
6-A unique mutation much better than what u asked for
2. Every second round u get another vote (Ood vote) and the dice on this one means:
1,3,5-what u asked for
2,4,6-nothing happens
3. There is a map it affects ur biome, it will change every 5 turns( u can’t see it cuz it makes no sense for animals to know the world map).

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Regular Vote: Rudimentary brain

Vote: Spinal Cord


U mean neurons?

Accidently type the wrong thing

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Vote: Eyes

vote nervous system

Can we agree that @Biologicah @Hirohito @PositiveTower and @reeper66 all want a nervous system but with different names.
If we agree i will treat all mentioned above with a chance of a nervous system.

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yes we can

can we start? plz…

I’ma also join in the fun
Vote: speeeeeeed baby!!! (faster movement)

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Round 1
New niches are being filled and predators emerge.

Crv Konektiran(@Biologicah)

Vote: Rudimentary Brain-2

Crv Konektiran started to clump neurons together but in many different places, which is making them fight for themselves. Crv Konektiran is having an internal war for what brain needs to survive. Because of the many brains, it needs to consume more food which isn’t a problem because of the abundant food source.

Status: Least Concern

Crv Reflexen (@Hirohito)

Vote: Spinal Cord-6

Crv Reflexen has grouped all neurons up its back allowing its self for great control. If one of the new predators attacks Crv Reflexen it has fast reflexes making it almost invisible.

Status: Thriving

Crv Zilest (@PositiveTower)

Vote: Neurons-5

Crv Zilest has connected its whole body with neurons and has started to clump some together allowing it to process the information given by the skin which helps in avoiding the predators.

Status: Least Concern


Vote: Eyes-3

Crv has managed to not go extinct by just pure numbers.

Status: Numbers are going down

Crv Mozok(@reeper66)

Vote: Nervus system-4

Crv Mozok has managed to connect everything and it started to clump neurons together allowing it to process information and it has evolved reflexes. This worm has no problem escaping the predators.

Status: Thriving



Crv has managed to not go extinct by just pure numbers.

Status: Numbers are Falling

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Regular vote:eyes
Odd vote:catilage bones

Reg Vote: Me hangry me eat all! (some method of increased consumption)
Odd Vote: Let’s get BIZZAAYY!! (rapid reproduction rate)

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Regular Vote: More efficient musclés
Odd Vote: Combine the brains

Regular vote:eyes
Odd vote: exoskeleton

Regular Vote: Heat sensitive eye
Odd Vote: Muscular Tail

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are we going to have 1 round a day or 2

I will be doing as much as i can but now we are waiting for @RoboRomb

i gave him a message, he will not be lowg. (i hope)

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