Planet changing events

Will there be various events impacting the planet around you that would change the landscape on which your organisim lives? Examples of this would be ice ages, nearby volcanic activity, meteor strikes, earthquakes, overgrazing of plant life leading to a difficult environment for herbivores to survive in, over predation of herbivores leading to a general population drop, contamination of drinking water due to risen ocean levels, widespread flames across plant life leading to reduced grazing land, temporary land bridges forming, and early blooming of plant life leading to more matter for herbivores to consume leading to general increase in population. Positives to these events would be climate change in favour of your species adaptations, decreased competition for food, more niches for your species to evolve into, contaminated drinking water (increased salt composition) for coastal species may reduce the population of your predators and increase living space for your species if you’re an aquatic saltwater species, decreased competition and growth space for plant species along with decreased grazing of your organisims, and last of all earthquakes leading to new rivers for freshwater aquatic species to live in and more vegetation growth for land species.


Generally yes, not sure it’ll have all these features though.

Hopefully in the microbe stage there’ll be a climate model which will impact the conditions you are swimming through within the next few patches.


Tjwhale, I was wondering, will there will be more deep events, like Oxygen levels increase, CO level increase and so on? I think this will be a challenge to the player, who will need to adapt (something, that was missing in Spore, you actually didn’t need to adapt, just evolve for no reason, which kinda was boring).

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Yeah I think that is a good point, we want the player to be continually evolving because they have problems; like changes in climate or changes in other species which are causing them trouble.

The changes in o2 and co2 levels are planned features for hopefully a couple of releases time. Hopefully we can include the great oxygenation event.

We’ll have to see how it all shakes out but I’m pretty hopeful. I think we can have your planet be struck by large meteorites and have that throw dust into the atmosphere and cause it to freeze over, for example. I don’t think that should be so hard.

Many thanks for the response!
I wish you luck, you already did a amazing job! I just can’t imaginate how good you will make the next stages . I’m happy you try to make Thrive maximum realistic, which make the game the best evolution simulator (I hope other develpers will follow your steps, it will be very good for the genre)

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think that’s Thrives strength in the market, if you want realistic microbiology you have to come to us, which is really nice.

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