Planet Gen?

Can we have a planet gen that can work a little like universe sandbox? As in the player can create their own planet giving them both advantages and disadvantages. For example, planet mass can effect the organisms weight and movement strategies and how strongly compounds need to be moved through the body. How close to the sun, (temperature) can effect how creatures preserve or lose heat. It can also include mutation chances where radiation is higher and the editor has a chance of turning on!

I think, all that, you will can be on stage awakening. You will can be all, that you want.

There will be some parameters to tweak regarding the star and planets when starting a new game.
Though, in order to allow things to be discovered by the player , it is nice to keep the exact details about the player’s solar system hidden until they discover those things in game.


I will redirect you to this thread, where Tjwhale and I deconstructed the consequences of perhaps every single variable in planet generation. Tjwhale has also written a really great piece of code that you can find linked somewhere in the thread. As for things you should be able to tweak, in my opinion that would be the star type, axial tilt and perhaps even the speed at which your planet rotates around its own axis (these values have some bigger implications, as you can find out in the thread).


I mean, it would be easy to work with i suppose because all the buffs are predetermined.