Planet terraforming

so there is this speculative evolution project known as “serina”. the premise was terraforming a moon and placing several species of fish, invertebrates, and plant, but the only land vertebrate, is the domesticated canary,. then they let the species evolve over the course of 225 million years until the cooling of the moon’s core. I could see after ascension you could terraform a new planet and start the cycle over again, playing as new life.

One of the planned ascension tools (acquired when you reach ascension stage (or just a very late-game item)) would be a planet editor, though earlier on you would be able to acquire less effective versions of that tool.

Yeah I think terraforming could well be a major thing in the space stage. Like terraforming Mars should be one of humanities main goals over the next 10k years IMO.

I also think that if we are running species simulations of each planet then there’s no particular reason why you couldn’t pick stuff up, even microbes, and put it on another planet. It could be the space stages version of farming.


but could you switch to playing a species on that planet?

Probably not in the first pass. I.e. I think the general feeling in the team is we want to kind of get all the basics working, like having creatures that can evolve and make civilisations and get to ascension.

After that is all done we might go back and add extra features, like maybe you can evolve on a world which has had another species on it already and you are running through the ruins as a jaguar or something. Or yeah maybe an ascended species can incarnate as any animal it wants or something.

However those things are kind of beyond the roadmap at this point, like once the game is done then we might add them.

Though, as with all future stage discussions, we’ll have to see how it all shakes out, no one is making decisions for them now.

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I don’t understand why everyone’s so obsessed with playing as another species during a run. Literally just open a new game. Its not that difficult.

But it reminds us that we all come from one common singular cell ancestor. Besides, it would be tiring to restart the whole freakin’ game in Ironman mode every time you die. Case in point.
EDIT : Woops, I necroed. Strange, the thread was in the most recent ones according to the list…
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